DeVilbiss Blue

DeVilbiss Blue Standard Plus has been engineered and designed using the latest advancements in sleep technology to offer the best possible night’s sleep.

DeVilbiss Blue Standard Plus is a fixed pressure CPAP which can detect a wide variety of patient events using a sophisticated new algorithm.

To maximise patient comfort the device uses innovative features such as SmartFlex and Flow Rounding, helping to ensure maximum patient compliance.  The DeVilbiss Blue series has a new state of the art humidification system using PulseDose technology to increase user comfort.

The DeVilbiss Blue provides more ways than ever before to connect to the CPAP device, meeting the needs of patients and healthcare professionals alike. With more options to remotely evaluate and change settings, therapy can be monitored and improved using Bluetooth and wireless technologies.  

Additionally SmartCode and SmartCode Rx enable optimum therapy management without the need for a modem or an internet connection.