About Us

Our History:
Medical Engineering Co is a company that runs its activity, since 1997, based on collecting & importing the high quality products.
It is the company’s goal to understand the client’s necessities and to reach the full satisfaction of our customer, and in order to do so we constantly put our best efforts to stay in touch with new cultures and technologies that move side by side with the evolution of the concept of the healthcare & the medical equipments , and determine the conception of new products.

Based on our vast experience and constructive potential, we put all goals in quality, reliability and security of our equipments, assuring full satisfaction of our customers that are permanently increasing their demands, ambitions and consciousness.

MEDICAL ENGINEERING CO. is a main partner at PHARMAPACK factory for pharmaceuticalproducts at 6 of October city which produces Distilled water , Alcoholic , swabs , perfumed wipes and other pharmaceutical products .

MEDICAL ENGINEERING CO. have 5 branches to supply its products & services & also have Maintenance Center

MEDICAL ENGINNERING CO. have 4 huge stores helping for supplement of medical equipment supplies for pharmacies and hospitals in different places around Egypt.

MEDICAL ENGINNERING’s stuff: around 50 workers & also 50 distributors


Devilbiss Healthcare Ltd. USA
Circarta Italy
A.J.COSTA (IRMAOS) Lda. Portugal
Friedrich Bosch GmbH&CO. Germany
AGA Sanitätsartikel GmbH Germany

Manufactures and Markets for Egypt and the world Medical Products of high quality with competitive prices.
A profitable Company allowing it to grow and ensure the success to its shareholders and to all the people in the company and to those associated with it.

We hope to be recognized by the market as a unique and different company in terms of quality and service delivered.
Want to be one of the leading companies in the world and the main reference in this area.

Wish to see reflected in each of our products, the commitment, effort and dedication of all the ones that work in Medical Engineering