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For over 16 years Medical Engineering has been a leader contributing to the health market, to improve the quality life of its customers.
Medical Engineering spares no efforts to present a high quality product, always searching for the best designs, and conducting extensive quality controls on all the products.
Medical Engineering success relies on its employees that search with passion to present the best quality product, which will give an effective therapy to the final customer.

Manufactures and Markets for Egypt and the world Medical Products of high quality with competitive prices.
A profitable Company allowing it to grow and ensure the success to its shareholders and to all the people in the company and to those associated with it.

We hope to be recognized by the market as a unique and different company in terms of quality and service delivered.
Want to be one of the leading companies in the world and the main reference in this area.

Wish to see reflected in each of our products, the commitment, effort and dedication of all the ones that work in Medical Engineering

Medical Engineering's Team