Piston nebulizer Ariette

Aerosoltherapy appliance provided of piston compressor with high performances and non-stop working.

High operative pressure ensures a fast nebulisation time and particle dimension therapeutically effective, also thanks to the 2 speeds Neboplus Ampul. Classic design with comfortable compartement case for accessories, easy to clean. Handle, ampoul-housing and spare filter. Elegant and functional design, crash proof plastic case.

2 Speeds Neboplus ampul
An innovative ampul that produces particles with a dimensional range efficacious for all airways that offers the possibility of choosing the nebulization speed: - plug open – standard speed; plug closed – minimum speed
It permits reducing medicine waste and increases treatment efficacy. It also works in an inclined position, favouring bedbound patients. Constructed in medical standard, biocompatible and non-toxic materials. Capacity 8 ml. Residue less than 0,5 ml.